What is your opinion on the human race?

Masky: but we’re humans too. Kinda. Sort of.

ummm.... this is Masky and Hoodie right?

Masky: Well yeah, last time I checked, it was us.

Hello Guys Im Not Trying To Be An Ass But Did You Hear About The Other Girl That Stabbed Her Mother For Slender Sincerely Jay

Yeah, we heard about it and honestly, I don’t have strength or patience to deal with this.

Hey Guys I Watched The Entry On Marble Hornets Where Hoodie Falls From The Window. Can You Tell Me If He Dies Or If He Is Alive. Oh I Almost Forgot *Sets Down Cheesecake* C:

Well, he died.

But he will live 4ever in our hearts.

Why is hoodie so cute

He was born this way

((how come this blog isn't active? not complaining just curious))

((we don’t spend much time together and stuff happened and uhuhuuuuu DX But we’ll do some updates soon don’t worry Anon!))

It's been a while since the last time I watched the marble hornets tapes, and in entry #84, I caught something that was perplexing.. It says "I had no way of knowing it was Bryan who fell from the window. I'm not sure what I would have done if I had known that beforehand.".... I looked back and couldn't find any footage of hoody falling from a window, so I was wondering if it was true, and if so, which entry #? Thank you guys, and enjoy the cheesecake 🍰Sincerely: Tessa


Well, I think you’re talking about this entry uwu it’s somewhere between 05:23 ]]

It's been a while since I watched the marble hornets and decided to go over the entries again, but in entry 84, it said Bryan died, he fell or was pushed out of a window, but I can't find the footage of it... Is it true? If so, which entry was it featured in? Thank you. *sets down a plate of cheesecake*

[Entry 83 C: ]

Hey guys. So okay, you guys have probably heard about those two girls that tried to kill their friend for Slenderman, right? What is your opinion on it? I only want to know, not like the last douchebag that asked for an opening as a proxy.

((Oooooh, don’t even let me started

Well, what can I say? These two brats should learn to distinguish reality from fiction. And not only them, but also everyone who is taking some things too seriously. Also, that whole “we’re gonna kill her to summon Slenderman oh gawd” shit? Excuse you, I could kill my math teacher along with art and photo teacher, because I hate them and I could make the same excuse “B-B-BUT MR. POLICEMAN I DID THIS BECAUSE I WANTED TO SUMMON CREATURE WITHOUT FACE, WHO IS KIDNAPPING KIDS, YOU KNOW NOTHING”. Hhhh things like that makes me hella mad no shit Sherlock and I think my faith for humanity is even lower than before.

I just hope that there won’t be any other accidents like that. I mean, fun is fun until someone won’t cross the line of common sense.